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Home & Office Delivery of Fresh Organic Produce!

Save time and eat healthily! For as little as $24, we'll deliver fresh organic produce to your door! We have fruit boxes for offices too!

How It Works

1 Choose your box
We offer several different produce boxes with a variety of fruit & vegetable mixtures to choose from.

2 Set your preferences
Let us know which fruits & vegetables you NEVER want to receive, and select how often you want to receive a delivery.

3 Add grocery items
You can also add local & organic specials and other grocery items to your produce box!

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This Week's Box

Fresh Organic and Local Produce and Groceries!

Meet Our Local Growers

Enterprise Farm Local Organic Farm

Enterprise Farm See more growers »

Recipes & Storage Tips

We offer a bevy of helpful storage tips and recipes in our weekly newsletters, and we file them all away for you here!