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Our Grocery Add-Ons

What Are Grocery Add-Ons?

In addition to your box of fruits and vegetables, you can also "add-on" other certified organic groceries to your order. Many of these groceries are sourced from local, independent companies and farms based in New England!

New Items

On Sale
Organic Produce

Seasonal Produce
Pantry Staples

Pantry Staples


Organic Coffee

Organic Tea

Organic Chocolate

Rice Pasta and Beans

Rice, Pasta & Beans
Organic Spreads

Snacks & Specialties

Nuts and Dried Fruit

Nuts & Dried Fruit
Breakfast Foods

Breakfast Foods
Vegetarian and Non-Dairy

Vegetarian and Non-Dairy
Meal Kits

Meal Kits

How to Place an Add-On Order

When you're ready to order, head to our Order Add-Ons page and place your order by 12 noon the day before your delivery. Orders placed later than that deadline will go into the following delivery. View our Add-On Order Deadlines and Policies here.