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Our Staff

Staff 2013
Staff Picture 9/06/13

Our current staff roster includes Amy Levine, Andy Roberts, Adam Shave, Bill Ironfield, Eric Siegel, Gardijan Nedzipovik, Jeff Barry, Jay Graham, John Goodridge, Kevin Smith, Matthew Burt, Miles Douglass, Pete Meuse, Steve Urban, Thomas H Ayling IV Esq, Vanessa Friedland, and a few others! Click the name of a staff member to see their bio, or scroll down to see them all. You can also check out the bios of our many illustrious alumni.

Photo of Amy Levine

Amy Levine · Marketing Manager

Hometown: Durham, NC
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Blood Oranges!
Bio: Born and raised in North Carolina, I made my way to Worcester to attend Clark University, where I received my Bachelors and Masters in Communications and Marketing. Before joining Boston Organics in 2011, I nurtured my passion for food and sustainability by working in the catering industry and writing about food. I have always felt very connected to food, and I believe it's important for us to know where our food comes from. I feel honored to work with fun, passionate people, and it's truly rewarding to work for such a socially and environmentally responsible company. I spend most of my free time playing music, speaking in puns, camping, cooking, eating, and talking about food with anyone who will listen. I have an unhealthy obsession with fried okra. I also spend my weekends playing fiddle in a Celtic Americana rock band.

Photo of Andy Roberts

Andy Roberts · Delivery Driver

Hometown: Camden, OH (BIG Cornfield)
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Pears
Bio: I currently call Malden home, though I grew up on a farm in Ohio. Prior to my tenure at Boston Organics I spent a total of seven years in Morehead, KY, five of which earning a BA in Philosophy. One of my primary drives in life is learning. Little compares to having a good conversation with someone who is knowledgeable about something I know little about. One of the best things about working at Boston Organics is knowing that I'm contributing to a healthier lifestyle for our customers, and a healthier attitude toward the environment, while interacting with interesting folks. A dream of mine is to help solve a major world problem like climate change or world energy supply. When I'm not slinging fruits and vegetables you might find me sailing, hiking, riding my bike, or rigging up a potential fire hazard or otherwise half-baked project.

Photo of Adam Shave
Laid Back

Adam Shave · Operations Supervisor

Hometown: Brightwaters, NY
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Avocado
Bio: Born on Long Island, I had a pretty ordinary, yet fantastic childhood in suburbia, for which I am very grateful. During that time, I worked for a small, successful wholesale greenhouse, and learned a lot about horticulture and agriculture. In 2008, I graduated from Marist College with a degree in Psychology and moved to Boston promptly thereafter. It took me a year to realize it, but I still wanted to work and grow with a small business. I signed on with Boston Organic with that intent, and have been enjoying the ride ever since. I currently reside in Jamaica Plain, MA, with my amazing fiancé Meg and our adorable pup Posey, and we love this city. You can usually find us walking the Jamaica Pond or taking weekend trips to upstate New York.

Photo of Bill Ironfield

Bill Ironfield · Assistant Warehouse Manager

Hometown: Windham, NH
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Apples
Bio: I was born and raised in southern New Hampshire where I still live today. I joined the Boston Organics team almost 9 years ago when we were still upstairs and have loved it ever since. I started out in the warehouse, became a driver for a while, moved back to the warehouse, took a summer off, and moved back to the warehouse, where I am now the Assistant Warehouse Manager. I graduated from Umass last June with a Bachelors Degree in History. In my spare time I work at Johnson's Highland View Farm right across the street from my house, build things from wood, fix the car, try to go fishing, read books about old things, talk about the future and compare it to the past, and like really good shoes.

Photo of Eric Siegel

Eric Siegel · Marketing Associate

Hometown: Menlo Park, CA
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Sunchokes
Bio: Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I now call East Somerville my home. After graduating from Tufts University, I looked for a company that would allow me to "grow" my interest in sustainable food systems. When I came to Boston Organics I appreciated that everyone is excited to provide our customers with fresh, healthy food while supporting local farmers and being mindful of our environmental impact. When I'm not in the warehouse or delivering delicious produce to your door, you might find me playing kickball or relaxing at one of Somerville's great coffee shops. I enjoy reading, writing, gardening and cooking. It's always an adventure when Boston Organics introduces me to a new fruit or vegetable and I get to learn how to cook with it at home. If you see me on the road, don't be shy-- just say hi-- I'd love to get to meet you too!

Photo of Gardijan Nedzipovik
Lounging in his throne

Gardijan Nedzipovik · Warehouse

Hometown: Macedonia
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Bananas
Bio: I am a Gypsy originally from Macedonia. I like travelling and I've been to Spain, Germany, England, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Ireland. My favorite sports are soccer and basketball, and I play soccer every Friday. I like to party on the weekend - my favorite clubs are Gypsy Bar and Royale. I love listening to music every day. The music is in our blood! I have lots of instruments, but I can't really play them all.

Photo of Jeff Barry

Jeff Barry · Founder

Hometown: Providence, RI
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Mangoes
Bio: I graduated from Skidmore College in 1990 with a degree in Anthropology. From 1990-1992, I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Comoros Islands off the coast of East Africa from 1990-1992. While a volunteer, I taught high school English; I also helped get funds to build a central marketplace in my village for the local growers, artisans, and fishermen. After Peace Corps, I went to the Fletcher School at Tufts and got a Masters degree with a focus on Environmental Economics and International Business in 1995. I then moved to San Francisco where I did all kinds of jobs, but mainly had a lot of fun (mountain biking, yoga, marathons, eating good food, making good friends). While in SF I subscribed to a similar service called Planet Organics. In 2002, my wife and I decided to head back east to be closer to our families. It was at that point that I decided to start Boston Organics, with the goal of bringing fresh local and organic produce to the people of the Boston area. With help from my late grandfather, I purchased a van, posted a few fliers around town and started the business. Most of my free time outside of work is joyfully spent with my wife and three boys cooking, eating, and playing outside.

Photo of Jay Graham
Ready for Girls' Night Out

Jay Graham · Associate Buyer

Hometown: Concord, MA
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Baby Bok Choy
Bio: I joined the team at Boston Organics and I now help to pack orders and keep the warehouse in working order. Prior to my time here, I attended Skidmore College and studied jewelry making and metalwork. I also worked as a woodworker, creating picture frames and building/finishing furniture. Outside of work you might find me cooking, print-making, or welding. I really enjoy conceptual art, food related puns, Foxfire books, single speed bikes, and Marxist theory.

Photo of John Goodridge

John Goodridge · Office Account Liaison

Hometown: Wellesley, MA
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Bell Peppers
Bio: After receiving my bachelor’s degree from Hofstra University, I embarked on journey to the Big Island of Hawaii to WWOOF on an organic farm. On the farm, I learned how to milk goats and sheep and tend to organic gardens and fruit orchards. My experience there left a great impression on me, one that led me to dive into the organic food movement and seek employment at Boston Organics. Outside of work you can usually find me riding my vintage motorcycle, planting and harvesting my veggie garden, brewing beer or trying a new recipe.

Photo of Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith · Delivery Driver

Hometown: Stoughton, MA
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Strawberries
Bio: I grew up in Stoughton, have lived many places around Greater Boston, and now live in Somerville. I thoroughly enjoy playing guitar and you might find me out and about performing solo or with other groups around the area. I am the most senior driver at Boston Organics!

Photo of Matthew Burt
Blast Beets

Matthew Burt · Produce Buyer

Hometown: Wrentham, MA
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Collard Greens
Bio: I grew up in Wrentham, MA, in the days before the outlet mall, and moved to Boston to study audio production. After graduating, I moved to Philadelphia with my band to take advantage of the cheap rent and vegan cheesesteaks. Upon returning to Boston in 2005, I learned about Boston Organics and heard that they were hiring! After a year behind the reigns of a Boston Organics van, I moved into the office to manage the delivery logistics. Currently, I manage the produce buying and inventory. I enjoy riding my bike, music, and cooking.

Photo of Miles Douglass
On the Water

Miles Douglass · Associate Buyer

Hometown: Deer Isle, ME
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Artichoke
Bio: I grew up on Deer Isle, Maine. I was a cook every summer through high school, college, and after. That is where I gained my passion for food and cooking. I cooked both on Deer Isle and Martha's Vineyard. I went to Union College and graduated with a degree in Political Science. I bounced around after college before settling here in Boston. I am a big sports fan and support all the local Boston teams. I started with the company as delivery driver and I am now working in the office as a Purchaser. I am excited by the opportunity to grow with the company. I try and get out on the ocean as much as possible during the summer and always try and make it home for the lobster boat races.

Photo of Pete Meuse
Picking Up Vibes

Pete Meuse · Warehouse Manager

Hometown: Hyannis, MA
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Garlic Scapes
Bio: I received my cosmetology license in 2005, though I have been a cosmic consultant since I was born. I lived on Cape Cod for twenty two years (skateboarding since 1992), and then moved to Rhode Island, then Boston, then Las Vegas (spent five months in the desert and climbed mountains as much as I could!), and then back to Boston.

I can be best summed up by the following list: Shredding mini ramps, jokes, wheelies, high fives, hanging out, D&D, World of Warcraft, strategy, philosophy, Taoism, psychology, Doomsday theories, having fun, Metal, air guitar (or guitar on anything that is not a guitar), jumping off stuff into water, writing, movies, Buffalo wings, pop culture, lists, studying Juggalo subculture, whiskey, wizards, shamans, sorcerers, mystics, astrology, climbing mountains, swimming, survival scenarios, couch surfing, reading minds, picking up vibes, and headbanging.

Photo of Steve Urban

Steve Urban · Warehouse

Hometown: Charlestown
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Potatoes
Bio: I have been working at Boston Organics for two years. I started as a temp and worked my way to a full-time employee. Now I am the go-to guy in the warehouse for everything from receiving to packaging. I live in Charlestown and love Black Sabbath! Ozzy rules!

Photo of Thomas H Ayling IV Esq
Thomas IV Out On The Town

Thomas H Ayling IV Esq · Fleet Manager

Hometown: Portland, ME
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Fiddleheads
Bio: I like playing music/writing songs, drawing pictures, skateboarding, hiking, and cooking. Prior to working at Boston Organics I attended the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University where I studied Fine Art. My focus was figurative drawing and painting. You can see some of my artwork in Boston Organics publications like their 10th Anniversary Party Poster and Coloring Book.

Photo of Vanessa Friedland

Vanessa Friedland · Office Account Manager

Hometown: Moretown, VT
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Arugula
Bio: Fortunate to have been raised in a small rural town in central Vermont, I was able to develop a deep appreciation for the land and the local agriculture. I left Vermont in 2006 to go to college in Connecticut at Quinnipiac University where I studied Political Science. In the beginning of 2012 I made the jump to Boston where I have been happily residing ever since. I have come to really appreciate the local food culture here in Massachusetts, and Boston Organics is a great opportunity for me to combine my love for local/sustainable agriculture and connecting with people into one. Outside of work you will find me practicing herbalism, hiking, swimming, seeing new things whenever possible, at farmers markets, and enjoying good food with good people as much as I can.

We have more employees! They just have not submitted their information for this page yet. If you know or anyone else that works here and is not listed on this page, tell them to get to submitting their bio and photo! And if this looks like the type of place that you would like to work, check out our Employment page to see if we have any openings.