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Our Staff

Staff 2014
Staff Picture October 2014

Our current staff roster includes Colin Dinnie, Daniel Durosier, David Jeffery, Joseph Astuccio, Jeff Barry, Joe Henley, Joshua Graveline, Kelly Scott, Matthew Burt, Miles Douglass, Pete Meuse, Rebecca Bilodeau, Sean Connolly, Thomas H Ayling IV, Tony DeMarco, Tamara Monroe, and a few others! Click the name of a staff member to see their bio, or scroll down to see them all. You can also check out the bios of our many illustrious alumni.

Photo of Colin Dinnie

Colin Dinnie · Delivery Driver

Hometown: West Hartford, CT
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Cara Cara Orange
Bio: Iím a driver for Boston Organics. After working in the non-profit sector for 9 years I was looking for a new challenge. Working for Boston Organics has provided me the opportunity to make lifestyle changes and get healthier. Outside of work, music is my passion. I attended the Berklee College of Music and currently play in a band called Long Time. Iím also an avid outdoorsman and enjoy fly fishing, canoe trips and camping. On the weekends I like to go vintage artifact hunting with my fiancť.

Photo of Daniel Durosier

Daniel Durosier · Delivery Driver & Warehouse

Hometown: Haverstraw, NY
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Mango
Bio: After working on the morning produce line for several months, I officially joined the warehouse team as a full-time employee in June 2014. Now I just do my part to make the warehouse a clean, safe, and organized workplace. I enjoy going on various trips and adventures on my own or with a few friends and my passion for any kind of music with a solid beat can be attributed to my family's musical history and my time in a drumline as a bass drummer. In my free time, I collect gemstones and love learning about different cultures, religions, astrology, and metaphysics.

Photo of David Jeffery

David Jeffery · Delivery Driver

Hometown: Pepperell, MA
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Half-Green McIntosh Apples
Bio: When I was young, I learned to appreciate the value of fresh food by picking green beans straight from the vine with my dad on his uncle's farm in New Hampshire. Boston Organics' commitment to sustainability inspired me to join the company and I enjoy bringing our customers the amazing seasonal produce we receive each week from local farms. Outside of work, I enjoy exploring New England (so many bogs!) and visiting the growing number of craft breweries in the area. Come say hi if you see me out on the road - I'm told that I'm particularly good at recognizing and remembering voices.

Photo of Joseph Astuccio

Joseph Astuccio · Warehouse/Receiving

Hometown: Malden, MA
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Broccoli
Bio: Iíve been working in the Boston Organics warehouse since the summer 2015 and became a full-time team member not long after. Iím a team player and will do whatever is necessary to make sure things operate efficiently and effectively. I grew up right around the corner in Malden. When I was a kid my mom used to force peanut butter on me no matter how hard I resisted, luckily Iím not allergic. When Iím not at work Iím spending time with my dogs, two red-nosed pit bulls who also happen to be sisters. I am the king of giant Jenga and challenge anyone who would disagree.

Photo of Jeff Barry

Jeff Barry · Founder

Hometown: Providence, RI
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Mangoes
Bio: I graduated from Skidmore College in 1990 with a degree in Anthropology. From 1990-1992, I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Comoros Islands off the coast of East Africa from 1990-1992. While a volunteer, I taught high school English; I also helped get funds to build a central marketplace in my village for the local growers, artisans, and fishermen. After Peace Corps, I went to the Fletcher School at Tufts and got a Masters degree with a focus on Environmental Economics and International Business in 1995. I then moved to San Francisco where I did all kinds of jobs, but mainly had a lot of fun (mountain biking, yoga, marathons, eating good food, making good friends). While in SF I subscribed to a similar service called Planet Organics. In 2002, my wife and I decided to head back east to be closer to our families. It was at that point that I decided to start Boston Organics, with the goal of bringing fresh local and organic produce to the people of the Boston area. With help from my late grandfather, I purchased a van, posted a few fliers around town and started the business. Most of my free time outside of work is joyfully spent with my wife and three boys cooking, eating, and playing outside.

Photo of Joe Henley

Joe Henley · Delivery Driver

Hometown: Cambridge, MA
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Kale
Bio: Growing up in a Portuguese household, some of my favorite childhood memories involve my family chopping up fresh vegetables to make big holiday meals. I ate kale all the time (before it was fashionable!) in our familyís traditional caldo verde soup. After working for several years in the Boston area, I was excited to join the Boston Organics Crew and work for home grown company with sustainable business practices. I love to BBQ at the beach, and I always root for the home teamógo Pats, Sox, Bruins and Celts!

Photo of Joshua Graveline

Joshua Graveline · Cargo Bike Delivery Driver

Hometown: Wales, MA
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Sweet Potatoes
Bio: I ride the cargo bike for Boston Organics. As an environmentalist, I was happy to join a B Corps company that supports sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. In addition to biking, I am constantly designing new ways to create less of an impact on the environment. I love to cook and try new recipes so itís nice to have easy access to fresh ingredients. Iím a certified yoga instructor and you might catch me in a pose atop my cargo bike around the city. In my free time I like to juggle fire and I also enjoy slacklining, but not at the same timeÖyet.

Photo of Kelly Scott

Kelly Scott · Associate Produce Buyer

Hometown: South New Jersey
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Broccoli
Bio: I am the Associate Produce Buyer at Boston Organics. As a customer, I admired the service Boston Organics was providing to the greater Boston community and I wanted to be a part of it! I will be graduating from BU with an MLA in Gastronomy in January and I put my education to practice in the kitchen with projects like large-batch canning and fermenting. I also make a really, really amazing cheesecake that would blow your mind! When Iím not in the kitchen, I love to read and am a big Harry Potter fan.

Photo of Matthew Burt

Matthew Burt · Business Analyst

Hometown: Wrentham, MA
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Collard Greens
Bio: I grew up in Massachusetts and moved to Boston to study audio production. After graduating, I moved to Philadelphia to take advantage of the cheap rent and vegan cheesesteaks. Upon returning to Boston in 2005, I learned about Boston Organics and heard that they were hiring! In my time here I've done everything from making deliveries to ordering produce. These days, I have a hand in a little bit of everything. I enjoy riding my bike, music, and cooking.

Photo of Miles Douglass

Miles Douglass · Operations Supervisor

Hometown: Deer Isle, ME
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Artichoke
Bio: I grew up on Deer Isle, Maine. I was a cook every summer through high school, college, and after. That is where I gained my passion for food and cooking. I cooked both on Deer Isle and Martha's Vineyard. I went to Union College and graduated with a degree in Political Science. I bounced around after college before settling here in Boston. I am a big sports fan and support all the local Boston teams. I started with the company as delivery driver and I am now working in the office as a Purchaser. I am excited by the opportunity to grow with the company. I try and get out on the ocean as much as possible during the summer and always try and make it home for the lobster boat races.

Photo of Pete Meuse

Pete Meuse · Operations Manager

Hometown: Hyannis, MA
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Garlic Scapes
Bio: I received my cosmetology license in 2005, though I have been a cosmic consultant since I was born. I lived on Cape Cod for twenty two years (skateboarding since 1992), and then moved to Rhode Island, then Boston, then Las Vegas (spent five months in the desert and climbed mountains as much as I could!), and then back to Boston.

I can be best summed up by the following list: Shredding mini ramps, jokes, wheelies, high fives, hanging out, D&D, World of Warcraft, strategy, philosophy, Taoism, psychology, Doomsday theories, having fun, Metal, air guitar (or guitar on anything that is not a guitar), jumping off stuff into water, writing, movies, Buffalo wings, pop culture, lists, studying Juggalo subculture, whiskey, wizards, shamans, sorcerers, mystics, astrology, climbing mountains, swimming, survival scenarios, couch surfing, reading minds, picking up vibes, and headbanging.

Photo of Rebecca Bilodeau

Rebecca Bilodeau · Customer Service Manager

Hometown: Dorchester, MA
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Delicata Squash
Bio: I graduated in 2011 from Wesleyan University with a degree in Anthropology. I took courses in a wide variety of fields before choosing my major; food and farming are fascinating to me because they lie at the intersection of both physical and social sciences. I have worked on several small-scale farms, and was the assistant market manager for the Brookline Farmersí Market last season. I aspire to have a community garden plot this season (fingers crossed) and can be found dancing, sprawled outside with a book, howling at the moon, exploring what the tide washed in, conducting kitchen experiments, or wondering whether itís street sweeping day.

Photo of Sean Connolly

Sean Connolly · Marketing Associate

Hometown: Townsend, MA
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Acorn Squash
Bio: As an urban gardening enthusiast, I was excited to join the Boston Organics Crew and work for a company that's so active in the local green community. I also enjoy being able to bike to work because I live right around the corner from our warehouse in Charlestown. After work, I try to go to as many concerts as possible. The Sinclair is my favorite venue to catch a show, but I also sing and play guitar at some of the open mics in Cambridge and Somerville.

Photo of Thomas H Ayling IV

Thomas H Ayling IV · Fleet Manager

Hometown: Watertown, MA
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Fiddleheads
Bio: I like playing music/writing songs, drawing pictures, skateboarding, hiking, gardening and cooking. Prior to working at Boston Organics I attended the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University where I studied Fine Art. My focus was figurative drawing and painting. You can see some of my artwork in Boston Organics publications like their 10th Anniversary Party Poster and Coloring Book.

Photo of Tony DeMarco

Tony DeMarco · Director of Operations

Hometown: Revere, MA
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Cantaloupe
Bio: I grew up in Revere, MA, just north of Boston. My passion for fresh fruit and vegetables led me to Boston Organics, where Iím serving as director of operations and managing food safety. Itís a goal of mine to improve quality of life for others and this position gives me that opportunity. At 12 years old, I began working in my familyís hardware store in Revere. There I learned the value of hard work and learned a lot about people too. In business or in life, the Golden Rule is always applicableÖTreat others the way you want to be treated. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and playing ice hockey, which Iíve enjoyed my whole life.

Photo of Tamara Monroe

Tamara Monroe · Director of Marketing

Hometown: Berwick, ME
Favorite fruit and/or vegetable: Tomatoes
Bio: I joined the team in June 2014 after years spent in healthcare and real estate marketing, so working in organic foods has been an exciting change. Iím an animal rights advocate and appreciate the importance of an organic lifestyle for a sustainable environment. Iím also a big foodie. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting with clever ways to prepare seitan, tofu and other veg recipes (not always successfullyÖ) I originally hail from southern Maine, and I have the pleasure of visiting often. I spent a couple of fantastic years in San Diego, and now call Chelsea home with my husband, Ryan, and three dogs. I also love traveling (anywhere!), goats and making art.

We have more employees! They just have not submitted their information for this page yet. If you know or anyone else that works here and is not listed on this page, tell them to get to submitting their bio and photo! And if this looks like the type of place that you would like to work, check out our Employment page to see if we have any openings.