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1 - Set up your delivery schedule

Tell us whether you want to receive your produce box on a weekly or biweekly schedule. Then let us know what type of produce box you want to receive.

2 - Create your No-list

Let us know what to put on your No-list (the produce you never want, and the items you would like substituted if available).

3 - Enter your Delivery Information

Let us know where to leave your box, and any additional details about your drop-off location. Also let us know if we have permission to leave the delivery at your front desk (if applicable), let us know you are sending a key (if applicable), and agree to a delivery fee (if applicable for your drop-off location).

4 - Contact/Billing Information

Provide us with your contact information and payment details. Select your first delivery date. Then confirm that you've read and understood our policies.


After you send your information our way, we'll send a confirmation email your way. Please add to your email contacts/address book. If you choose to provide us with a key, we will email you instructions, and your service will not start until we receive your key.

If you have any questions or technical issues, please give us a call and we'll help you out! Thank you for your interest! Sign up now!